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    From what I can tell, this hasen't been already posted, but Modele-Kartonowe has released a new plane! :thumb:

    From Wikipedia:

    The PWS-10 was a Polish fighter aircraft, constructed in the PWS (Podlaska Wytwórnia Samolotów - Podlasie Aircraft Factory). It was the first Polish-designed fighter to enter serial production.
    First works on a domestic fighter to replace ill-fated French SPAD 61s in the Polish Air Force started in the PWS in 1927. Main designers were Aleksander Grzędzielski and Augustyn Zdaniewski. In 1929 the first prototype was built and it first flew in March 1930. At the same time, more modern fighter PZL P.1 was developed in the PZL. Despite the P.1 was more capable fighter, but the War Ministry decided that it needed further work, and a series of 80 PWS-10 was ordered as a temporary measure. In comparison with the advanced P.1, the PWS-10 was more classic design, a high-wing parasol monoplane of mixed construction.
    The series was built from 1931 to 1932, numbered from 5-1 to 5-80.