Puttin' the gons to work.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nachoman, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Anyone ever do this? I used to load my gons up with track spikes and wheel them along as I layed track. I hadn't done this in years, but last night I loaded one up again as I started spiking rail. It does serve a purpose other than fun - it tests your track out as you move along. As it turns out, the gon would bump across the special turnout I constructed, but but my test truck rolled fine. After further investigation, the wheelsets on the gon are slightly tight in gauge. I guess I made the turnout to tighter tolerances than the prefab turnouts, and the out-of gauge trucks gave a little bit of a problem. I may now be looking for new wheelsets that will fit in a MDC truck frame :)


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    Thats a good idea! I've been using mine to hold all the small bits of scrap rail, ties et all. Perhaps, I've found a new purpose for it! haha
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    yep the good ol mow trick now we just got to get our little people to do the spikeing lol good idea tho ill remember that later when i set up my ho layout