Psgr Extra 2816 West.

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    Hi Group, July 2nd, 07.
    Monday 11:40 Hrs. M.D.T.

    This is a "Heads Up Notice" to all West Coast and
    Inland North West Railfans.
    C.P.'s 2816 Left Calgary @ 09:00 Hrs. M.D.T. for
    Vancouver. As 2860 is on the West Coast and 2816 Will B
    Heading West to Visit , If You Should get Addicted to Steam,
    the Secretary will Disavoul any Knowlege.
    Addiction to STEAM is Highly Recomended for All
    West Coast and Inland North West Railfans at This Time.
    Have a Great Week.

    Thanks Group,:rofl: