POTW Nov19 - Nov 25, 2007

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    Mar 1, 2006
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    This weeks picture, might seem to some people, to be breaking with tradition because it's main subject model is not made from card or paper.
    I beg to differ with that opinion though, as the picture and the subject matter of the thread itself have everything to do with card modeling and modeling in general.

    On top of that, I give for your consideration, the following two selfishly thought up reasons...,
    1 - I like to be, and it's high time for, something a little different.
    2 - The key word in the honorable title is "Picture", not card model, right?:twisted:

    So without further delay, I bestow the honorable title of "Picture Of The Week", to one of many deserving pictures by Cardmodels Member, John Reid.

    The chosen picture was pulled from his wonderfully entertaining and always educational thread, "How to Build Large Scale Dioramas", which can be found here...


    Thank you John, for providing us with many hours of what is merely just a small peek into your very creative world and for sharing your knowledge with us all.
    I for one, have learned an awful lot from you in this thread and I find great inspiration with, not only your building creativity and skills but your informative and entertaining posts and great picture taking, as well!:cool:

    Take a bow, John! You deserve it!:thumb:

  2. B-Manic

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    Nov 28, 2006
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    Great choice. I have found John's thread both entertaining and educational.
  3. aphelion16

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    I love combining wood and paper modeling. Wood is after all, the precursor of paper.