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    Hi Zealots. Adun Toridas, and all that jazz.
    I 'spoze it's about time I introduced myself.

    I'm like that guy from that 1973 Temptation's song, Plastic Man: "He's a jack of all trades, and a master of none." (That's all you really need to know.) I got myself a BS in Mech Engineering and an EIT License. Then I went flitting off to art school, grabbed an AA in Fine Arts, studying photoshop, digital darkroom, canvas, watercolor, etc. (If you wanna see my recreational gallery, just google my name.)

    For a long time I wanted to become a 3D digital sci-fi model sculptor. Then I wanted to be a competitive tut/popping/krump dancer on the side. Then I wanted to become a robotics engineer. Then I wanted to earn membership in a watercolor society. Then I wanted to become an optical engineer. Now I know with absolute certainty :rolleyes: that I want to be a model maker.

    For my current job, I had to learn a lot about model-making techniques. Does the zealot demographic include model makers? I don't mean card models (though I like what I see). I mean actual tiny reciprocating machinery, or scale homes with bonsai where the oak would be. How about wax sculpting & plaster casting?

    Anyhoo, I've always wanted to make legit RC vehicles for fun, so I'll be sure to pick your collective brains for advice on that later on.

    - Fatal-Noogie
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    Welcome aboard, while this site is dedicated to the paper modeling it will accept any modeling techniques out there. We have a forum for such item like everything else,of f topic, and other sub forums. Just scroll down to the forum jump and you will see the myriad of forums and subforums. Be sure to read the rules and policies and the waiting period for downloading the free models. If you are in a hurry to build a model, check out some of the threads, like armormans, where there are readiy available models for the taking. Enjoy and hope to see some of your expertise around here.
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    Hi Fatal noogie :), I have built a few engineering models but nothing to elaborate. I mainly build plastic scale models and paper models more now. I have built and raced RC cars and dabbled in RC planes too, I guess that makes me a "Jack of all hobbies" :p
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    I have a small machine shop in my house. I would be interested in any metal model making. I have been trying to find FREE plans for a simple sterling engine I could machine with my son.

    You could post pics of anything you have now in the "Off Topics" area here: and if enough interest is generated, we could always add a section. Welcome aboard! :)