Petition to preserve the remainders of the real West Side Lumber Co.

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    Hello logging-fans,

    I think nearly every logging-fan will know the name "West Side Lumber CO." or has hear it some day...

    Michael Azzarello from has started a online-petition to preserve the last remainders of the WSLC in Tuolumne before they are gone and lost forever.

    The owners of the mill-property will start to build a golf-course and hotels at the ground, where Tuolumne's history and existence was founded after the great gold-rush....
    The last standing buildings are to old and destroyed to get them saved. But there are plans to build a new structure in style of the old engine-house and installing a museum with original WS equipment.

    Please take some minutes to read the petition and sign with your name. Let's use the chance to preserve the last narrow-gauge logging-line in the west.

    You'll find the link to the petition on M.Azzarellos side ->

    Thank you very much, Gerd