Paragon, Perry, & Ninjatoes...a beautiful friendship~

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    Shout out to both Paragon, Perry, & Ninjatoes! Gentlemen all!


    For those who have not discovered Ninjatoes awesome contribution to Star Trek Card Modeling;

    Ninjatoes did a generous and excellent job of designing and offering for free, several excellent models. He expanded Paper Trek enormously.

    Then Bill Perry, who I've not had a chance to thank, offered a re-draw on the Defiant. Ninjatoes agreed, and what was great was made even better. It was an awesome improvement and a recent build up can be seen posted on this board.

    The Paragon offered to redraw Ninjatoes Type 10 shuttle and the Runabout. Again, Ninjatoes was supportive. No ego stood in the way of progress. Now we have revamps of those two awesome contributions:

    Now, it would be easy to simply focus upon the greedy excitement of adding better quality models to our paper-cut ridden hands (which I have), but I'd like to point out a possibly even better result of all this creativity sharing.

    A designer made a great design and an appreciated contribution to boot. Impressively, he was open to share not only the finished product with everyone but also open to share the bones with other talented people, providing his platform for them to enhance his valuable work. The other two designers were willing to cooperate with him, instead of "reinventing the wheel." Call me a softy, but its very refreshing to see such talented people being so generous and so supportive of the art form of paper modeling [or anything else these days]. Its nice to see them being so supportive of each other.

    Maybe the finished products are much more than good kits; maybe they are symbols of what can make many things around us better....


    Nah! They're great kits! Time to buy more ink!

    The DC