Paper helping the world - a microscope made of mainly paper

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  1. Very nice video.
    A low-cost microscope made out of mainly paper:

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    That was AMAZING!!!
    I wonder if these things will make into the schools (as a regular learning tool) for the students to use and have fun with.
    Thank you very much for sharing that with us!
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    They should provide a free download for everyone on this planet. This is awesome and very useful. Fun and entertaining at the same time.
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    Interesting idea but this microscope does not view at the microbial level, but it is an excellent start. Without the lens, it is useless, that being said, that would just mean a change in optics. The optics preclude downloading. The chemicals/stains required to view these microbes are a big part of the package. They would have to be distributed. This could easily be done using present methods, as many medical supplies are now distributed with other products, such as "Coca-Cola" free of charge. They literally just stuff the medical in between the spaces of the bottles, after arrangements are made with the local supplier.Theoretically, any printer , which on average use four cartridges, could have four chemical to isolate, with others readily being able to be dropped in. The heads would have to be flushed in between. These chemical strips could then be used in conjunction with the paper microscopes, or using transparent paper, provide the color filter necessary to see the particular microbes. Just some thoughts. The idea is good, but needs much work. I have two 1000 power Microscopes in my Barn that schools threw away. Rather disgusting. They will not donate them because the paperwork involved so they throw them away? I have no answer for that.

    It would make an interesting, "You buy one for $5.00 dollars, and they ship the rest out to where people need the. I would buy some regularly. An indirect donation.

    Thanks Ruben, very interesting indeed. :)