Paint colors on smokebox/chimney

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    I've long wondered why the smokebox and chimney of steam engines are usually painted black or silver, even if the rest of the loco is another color. For example, in Britain steam engines were painted in a variety of colors: greens, red, blue, even brown; but the smokebox & chimeny were always black. In the US, even if the loco was painted black, the smokebox/chimney might be in silver.
    I've assumed that this might be to do with the fact that, whereas the cab, tender/tank, and boiler cladding were not in contact with hot steam, the smokebox and chimeny were in direct contact with heat. Therefore, they might need special heat resistant paint. But, even if that is the case, why couldn't heat resistant paint be made in colors other than black and silver?

    Any thoughts welcome on this point!:wave: