Orlik Boulton Paul Defiant

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    Model: Boulton-Paul Defiant
    Publisher: Orlik, 5/2004
    Designer: Tadeusz Grzelczak
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Lighthouse Modelart

    Rarely seen subject. Eight parts pages (4 cardstock, 4 thin paper). Bonus of a centerfold poster-size (OK---a small poster) combat drawing. Text Polish, 3 pages of construction diagrams. Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for most card modelers to successfully perform the build. Construction aids are line drawings, but lots of them and leaving little to be guessed at. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Paper size is A4. Print quality good...a couple of small color voids, excellent color registration. Draftmanship very good. Artwork very good, good shading but no weathering. Detail just short of amazing....nicely done wheel wells (no tail wheelwell, but tailwheel looks as if it is castoring), terifficly detailed turret and quad 50s, and separate (positionable) control surfaces and flaps. Construction method is a combo of eggcrate, butt-joined sections, and joiner strips, which I haven't seen before with exception of the Arsenal P-40E, which I received and reviewed concurrently with the subject kit. The fuselage is built in four major subassemblies. Each subassembly is built using eggcrate construction, and the skin sections making up the subassy are put together with joiner strips. The segments then butt-joint together. The first North American distributor I am aware of having this kit in inventory is Lighthouse Modelart. I strongly suspect the others will have the kit in stock shortly, as this is another top-tier kit. Price is moderate (under $10 US) which in my opinion makes it a great value for the money. I would definitely not recommend this model to beginners/novices, and hazard a guess it will challenge those with intermediate papermodeling skills....however, similar to my evaluation of the Gambier Bay, the construction graphics are good enough that an intermediate modeler should be able to get through the build by thinking of it as lots of little builds rather than one overwhelming structure. The glazing of the canopy could be a stumbling block for most modellers....if you can find an aftermarket canopy, I would sure get it. I vaguely remember getting a Defiant canopy in one of my past purchases from Saul at Cardmodellers.Org. That site seems to be on hold until Saul's doctor gives him the OK from some health problems he is having. (DeWayne, feel free to jump in here with more info. I think a lot of us have severely missed his Ezine this past few months and been concerned about his wellbeing.) When he gets it going again, I would check out his selection of canopies to see if he still has the Defiant's in stock. Overall grade an A-....hot on the heels of Arsenal's P-40E kit for quality, and if anything, even a better value for the money.

    Instructions: B+
    Paper quality: A-
    Level of detail: A-
    Printing quality: B+
    Artwork: A-
    Value for money: A
    Skill level: Skilled intermediate