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    Sep 14, 2011
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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much this book that I have is worth. I have had it for years and just now noticed it is actually signed by the author. The cover is not in good shape but all the pages are there. It is:

    Standard American Locomotive Engineering by Calvin F. Swingle 1907
    Complete in All Its Branches

    It then says on the wrapping cover:
    Breakdowns, Railway Signaling, Valve Setting, Air Brake
    With Questions and Answers

    I myself worked for Southern Pacific in Maintenance of Way for 20 years till the lay-offs from the severly mis-managed company became too much for me to endure. Someone bought this book for me at an antique store years ago.
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    Moshe, is this your first post? It might go better if you first introduce yourself, in the "Introductions" section of the forum? We can properly roll out the Welcome mat for you. Thanks!