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    Hi Guys:

    I'm new to the forum and need some advice. I have an N Scale model railroad based on the New York Ontario & Western in modern times. It runs around the circumference of two attic rooms.

    It is computer controlled, using KAM software and Lenz DCC. I am using the following:

    (1)- A LZV-100 Command Unit

    (2)- 4 LS-150 turnout controllers. 6 outputs per controller

    (3)- 4 LR-101 Occupancy Conrtrollers. 8 inputs per controller

    (4)- 32 LB-101 Occupancy detectors.

    (5)- 1 LK-100 Reverse Loop Module.

    As you can see, This is quite a large system. The KAM software does a wonderful job of operating throttles and track occpancy.

    My problem is Turnouts. The LS-150's don't have feedback. As a result, when first powering up the system. All turnouts have to be manually checked for proper orientation with the softaware. This is a pain with 24 turnouts. After that KAM takes over and it is not a problem. I'd like to make this more foolproof.

    My thought is obtainging 4 more LR-101's and using the built in contacts of the Tortoises to indicate that the switch is thrown in either direction.

    The only problem is, I don't know how to use this information within the program. If I use it for signal data. All it does is operate a signal on the screen. It really doesn't do anything to co ordinate the switch.

    I know there are alot of turnout controllers out there with feedback. How do you guys accomplish this?