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    Hello everyone!

    Let me start out by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

    I wanted to make an announcement of several new models at Ecardmodels - including three freebies! There are LOTS of new models available from many of your favorite designers - In no particular order.....

    Paper Tiger Armaments has provided us with a nice freebie Turbo Porter plane.

    Dragos designed a DB Jager plane with 5 different schemes plus a blank slate. THis is designed along the lines of the great little Paragon planes.

    Ken West released his superb X-15 jet. It has great details and has risen to the number one sales slot in a mere two days - its well worth checking out (Sorry Trent, gonna have to fight for that number one spot!)

    Trent Henry (Nothing) has also released his M712 Mauser. Its another in his excellent line of 1:1 guns! Superbly detailed as usual. See his thread here for more info on that one!

    Nobi also gave us a nice freebie - an ME109. Come and get it!

    Der Kampfflieger released a new plane as well. The Skyrocket! Its available in two different scales.

    Fitter has been REALLY busy this past month and has released many new planes. First he gave us a Fokker EIII freebie for the holidays so make sure to get that. He also designed a Thomas-Morse S-5 Seaplane. Another great design is the new WWI fighter Breguet XIX. This is available in FIVE different liveries. My favorite is the B2 with some really interesting wing patterns.

    Paperbeam has released a safe complete with gold bars and cash. Although he closed up shop he will still be offering some of his models through Ecardmodels so you know where to find them.

    Last but certainly not least Sergey has released LOTS of new liveries of two different planes. He expanded his line of flying circus planes with FOUR new Pfalz DIII's. He also added two new Sopwith Pups. One Japanese and one Hellenic Navy.

    If you prefer to only get the freebies you will need to make the purchase as cash/check at checkout and I will need to manually approve them. Paypal can't handle a payment of $0.00 and will not work.

    I am looking into a couple new initiatives to get started up soon and am looking for some people that may be willing to help out. I am hoping to get a quarterly newsletter going. I am looking for anyone that would like to help out with articles. Reviews, tutorials, reports on model events, contests, talk about supplies etc etc etc. Pretty much anything to make a nice interesting newsletter. Also anyone with experience creating newsletters or publishing in general would be greatly appreciated. Volunteers for working on the newsletter will be paid in models from the shop. I havent really thought out specifics yet but will be discussing on the forums soon.

    I also hope to get contact going with many of the major cardmodel publishers in hopes of them creating some of their models for electronic download. I think this would be a great thing for the hobby if I can get anyone to bite at the idea. Elliott is currently helping to compile a list of the manufacturers for me but any assistance would be great!

    Third I hope to continue the Anti-Piracy efforts. I think we are making a difference on that front! We could use several more people to help out in this area. Even if you can only help a bit that would be great! Elliott is doing the lions share of this work right now and I don't want him to burn out! Please understand that to be considered for this type of work myself or any of my moderators must know you fairly well.

    Thanks all!

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    Thanks for providing the services that you do. I hope you have a wonderful new year. Also, BIG thanks to TPA, NOBi, and Fitter. thanks for the freebies and here's a wish for New Year's prosperity for all of you.

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    Sounds great!

    I'm curious, what kind of anti-piracy efforts are you engaging in?
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    Hey Scott, glad you like them!

    Art Decko, I dont discuss specifics about those activities in public - look for my pm...
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    Thanks Chris.

    You already know, Chris (and you're going to correct it), but for anybody else that doesn't just a quick note that my 1/10 safe model was inadvertently put in the Old West category although it's a contemporary model.