New releases at Ecardmodels 5/21/09 this one on time!

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    Hello all!
    I must say that it is really great having Marek back designing models for digital download :) He has given me another 7 models to add to the shop! I have received several comments on the excellent quality of these new models. I will also be adding them to the Marek contest! A couple of them have already been snagged by direct request ;) Check out his latest additions here!
    Two Pfalz D-XII's:
    Junkers D-I:
    Fokker D.VI:
    Mitsubishi A5M4:
    Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden:
    Caudron C-714 Cyclone:
    Heinkel He-51W (Water float plane):
    Also mentioning the Snipe 7F.1 again because I took it out because a page did not display properly but its all good now!

    Steve Bucher also sent his Eastchurch kitten my way in both 1/32 and 1/24 - very nice biplane!

    Maciek Kat released his Heavy Equipment Transporter in Olive (previously only in desert camo) - HIGHLY detailed for 1/72 - I wouldn't mind seeing this one enlarged by someone :D

    Krzychu released his speedy little Ponnier DIII Racer. Its a very good looking yellow color so will add a nice splash of color to your collection.
    Forest Shining Designs released their latest helicopter too! The Mi-6 Hook is now available. Its a well detailed model and is pretty big at 1:48!
    The Marek contest is going along swimmingly - I have so far gotten back 53 entries! That's right FIFTY THREE entries. I plan on putting these up for sale as I can process them. If you want to keep an eye on the new releases (I will probably just add these as I can and not stick to my usual release schedule) click here:
    I will probably send out a newsletter like this one with periodic updates though so don't feel like you will miss out if you don't check that link.