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    Figured I should take advantage of this section now as well!

    Hello Everyone! We have LOTS of new models to announce along with a competition that is just getting fired up. Info on the contest will be at the bottom because its quite a bit of info!
    I am now offering several of Steve Bucher's models! I have uploaded NINETEEN models from Steve. My personal favorite the Caudron G3 is among them. Also available is the Coanda 1910, five snipes and twelve most excellent Spad's! Check them out here:
    Battlefox Models (JT Fox) also made his BF109 available. Its a great kit at a great price - take a look:
    Trent Henry has also released his HK-P7 the latest in his line of 1:1 guns!
    Forest Shining designs that has given us a great FREE option pack that works with both of his available Bell helicopters.
    Paper Tiger Armaments has also given us a much anticipated release of several new AFV's. These include: Two JS2's, a pzkw III DAK, two sdkfz 234's, two SU-76's, two SU-85's and two SU-122's, come and check out all his models I have available!
    Sergey has released another of his very well detailed planes. A gorgeous BF109Z African Theater