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    Jan 14, 2001
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    Hello Everyone:

    I want to take sometime out in telling you how my new homepage is set up. The first page is the index. The is short cuts to my favorit modeling railroading sites. Inclueding The-Guage! [​IMG] Pages 2 and 3 are pictures of my layout. I just updated page 3 last night. The buttom of the page are other links to my index page.

    The other pages consist of the following. Ham Radio, family and friends, and vacations. There will be postings for specail events going around the state of Wisconsin and surrounding states.

    If you like to add a link to your homepage, let me know. If you have a specail event, I'll post it!

    These pages will always be updated. So check them out regularly.

    All the best,

    Happy Memorial Day America!