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    After nearly six years we've finally getting there..cancer(bad), the birth of my daughter (good), and seven-days-a-week work (what's a 'holiday') but we're nearly there!! We've spent a long time creating these VERY illustrated little aircraft. Lots of liveries from lots of countries...These have all been designed and will be available next month and more to come..We've sent these out to modelers around the world to make up and we will have models to show you very soon.

    TM001 DH 82A Top Dresser NZ ZK-AWJ (Yellow and red)
    TM002 DH 82A Italy I-BANG (Blue and yellow)
    TM003 DH 82A Sweden 5-32 (Yellow and red)
    TM004 DH 82A Canada C-GMTH (White with red)
    TM005 DH 82A Great Britain G-ADGH (Red, black silver)
    TM006 DH 82A Great Britain G-EMSY (Choc and lgt blue)
    TM007 DH 82A Great Britain G-AIDS (Black)
    TM008 DH 82A Great Britain G-AJHS (Aqua and white)
    TM009 DH 82A Great Britain G-ADNY (Black, purple,and yellow)
    TM010 DH 82A Great Britain G-ANJD (Green and silver)
    TM011 DH 82A Great Britain G-ADJK (Cream and red)
    TM012 DH 82A Swiss HB-UBC (Red and white)
    TM013 DH 82A New Zealand NZ-775 Trainer MOTAT (Yellow)
    TM014 DH 82A New Zealand Whittaker’s Chocolate (Gold and choc)
    TM015 DH 82A New Zealand ZK-AQA (Black with cream)
    TM016 DH 82A Australia VH-RVE (Green and cream)
    TM017 DH 82A New Zealand ZK-AFN (Red and silver)
    TM018 DH 82A Germany D-ESPS (Green and cream)
    TM019 DH 82A New Zealand ZK-AJO (Red and silver)
    TM020 DH 82A Norway LN-MAX (Green with red white and blue)
    TM021 DH 82A New Zealand ZK-ARJ (Cream with orange)
    TM022 DH 82A New Zealand ZK-ALJ Cwings (Wine red and silver)
    TM023 DH 82A New Zealand A17 –712 (Yellow)

    Best Regards and Peace

    Terry and Rosie
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    Great news! Looking forward to the release.