N scale Heljan 2 stall engine house

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    Given a 2 stall Heljan engine house. Looks exactly the same as this Walthers version??. 4 doors are missing. Does any-one sell a door that would fit, or be modified to fit? Not really capable of making new doors that would look good. It would be positioned right up front and they wouldn't need to actually open and close.

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    Don't sell youself short

    I am not familiar with what is available in N scale, but it is hard to fit enginehouse door openings with commercial doors in HO unless the door is made specifically for that model, or the model is built to fit the door.

    Now it is time for my preaching. You can scratchbuild stuff better than you think you can . I would recommend getting some evergreen sheet styrene with grooves to simulate boards, and some thin strips of styrene to make bracing for the doors.

    put some paper in the enginehouse flush with the door openings and trace the door opening on the paper. Measure the drawn opening to determine where the center line should be and draw in the center line. you then have the shape your doors need to be. Make several copies of that shape on paper, cut them out and use them to trace the shape of the door onto the styrene sheet. then cut out the styrene sheet to that size. but two doors together and test the fit in the opening. if the door is too big (a good thing) sand them on the edges until they fit perfectly. id f they are too small, start over.

    don't be concerned if you have to do stuff over , you are building skills you will use for the rest of your modeling life.

    Once you are satisfied with the shape of the door you can use the thin strips of styrene to make the door braces.

    Last year I used similar techniques to build engine house doors for a scratchbuilt wooden enginehouse. I documented that whole build in the tread on my home railroad in the logging mining and industrial section . that thread is titled something like logging in eastern TN on the DG CC & W RR in 1928. There are over 50 pages of documentation on that thread, but the engine house sould be toward the end.

    Don't fall into the trap of saying I can't do this or such. A Friends Dad used to say "Cain't never could!"; and truer words were never spaken. No one is born able to do this stuff. I can claim to be good at this stuff , but i have been doing it for 40 years. You can learn way faster than I did, as there is help on the internet. try to build what you need, don't be afraid to throw out your worst mistakes, and fix the lesser mistakes. you will get better, but doing is the only way to get better.

    Try to build those engine house doors, bad enginehouse doors will look better than no enginehouse doors. I recommended styrene, because it is easy to work with Balsa is also easy to work with. it is fragile when thin, but if it is white glued to card stock it can be stout enough it may tend to warp and need to wrapped in wax paper and pressed under a stack of books while the glue dries.

    don't assume you can't do something. try stuff, the worst thing that can happen is you can learn what doesn't work. the more you do the better you will get.

    share your work to inspire others. good luck, If I can help, just ask, I learned a lot of what I know from old guys who helped me when I was a kid. I learned a lot bu trial and error. Now I'm and old guy, and want to pass on some of the help I recieced.

    good luck, share your work if you can.

    Bill Nelson