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    Mar 29, 2004
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    My friend just e-mailed me this

    Shopkeeper killed by teenage gang (just 29 miles from where i live)

    The man was attacked near his takeaway in Scholes
    A shopkeeper was murdered in a "horrific and frenzied" attack in a shopping precinct by more than 20 armed teenagers, police say.

    The 41-year-old man was battered to death with a spade, tree branch and metal pipes by the gang, in the Scholes area of Wigan last weekend.

    Police have arrested 17 teenagers on suspicion of assault and violent disorder, including a girl of 14.

    The man who was originally from China, ran a takeaway business.

    Residents say a gang of teenagers have plagued their community with anti-social behaviour.

    It was horrific and sickening
    Det Ch Insp Steve Crimmins

    Police say the attack on the shopkeeper - who has not yet been named - lasted up to 15 minutes.

    He suffered massive head injuries and died in Hope Hospital, Salford, on Thursday.

    His girlfriend is believed to have seen the attack as he was set upon by more than 20 youngsters.

    Det Ch Insp Steve Crimmins, leading the investigation, said: "It is quite frightening really, it was a frenzied attack. It was horrific and sickening."

    "There have been ongoing problems in the area. There was a heightened police presence prior to the incident.

    "There's been general nuisance that you associate with large groups of youths, in essence rowdiness and criminal damage.

    "For some reason it has escalated out of all proportion and a man has lost his life."

    Why would a gang of kids do this?
    When I walk through my town at say 9pm-12PM it is a different town to the town during the day.
    At night my town is filled with gangs of angry, drunk and high youths.

    They have no aspirations; have limited educational achievement and no manners.
    The parents of these youths don’t care and the police are powerless.
    This is the place I keep my most treasured things- My family.
    It is so hard to teach my children not to follow down the path of there peers.
    It is hard for my children at school and college not to be intimidated by the masses of “Chav” and “Scally” youths.

    I feel my town and many others in the UK are like the book by William Golding “Lord of the flies” and the mob rules. Stupid mob hysteria is killing innocent people.

    What do fellow UK members think? What should we do?
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    Dec 28, 2000
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    This is becoming a world wide problem with youths gathering and taking out their frustrations on others. In Canada, our justice system seems to protect these youths and limits just what the police can do. I just wonder what the future may bring and just what we can do about it.
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    Mar 22, 2005
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    I am 23 and live in a semi rural California town. About 5 years ago I was assaulted by a gang of 15 twenty-twentyfive year olds. They assaulted and threw a gas cap at me splitting open my head causing blood to gush and lots of stitches. Luckily i made it out alive, could have easily been some other turn out. I can't imagine what's worse having those kind of people being your peers (which is why i hang out with much older people) and looking at growing up in that kind of society, or being people that are those kind of peoples parents or grandparents and looking forward to this next generation taking over the world and being responisble for their care. Scary either way. It is unfortunate that parents rely on others to raise their kids, like teachers and by the time the police get involved its too late and they dont have that much power either. What a world. Of course its never like that on the HO NWP in the 50's =] because they would certainly be in the car that stalled on the tracks =].