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    Well, here she is.


    This is a paper rendering of a 3d model of a Gila Polychrome Jar that was originally made around AD 1350, most likely by an ancient woman living near present day Phoenix Arizona.

    I have hundreds of digital models similar to the one used for this paper model, I had no idea it would be so easy to use Paprikura to create the unfolded design.

    Some build shots:

    At this point the model reminds me of the lab I worked at in Grad School. There was always at least one vessel being rebuilt from it's constituent sherds. The pots often looked like this for weeks.



    [​IMG]More Grad School Memories

    Anyway, you might find the way the 3d model was made interesting as well. Its all based upon extracting 3d data from photographs using 3D Solid Object Modeler Pro.


    Here is the actual vessel in the Arizona State Museum being photographed. 3dSOM uses the calibration mat to record the position of the camera and the vessel in 3d space. You usually need about 45 photos to get a good model going.

    So, if you can fit a given object on the target mat, you can now make a paper model of it.


    A Screen Cap from 3dSOM. Yes, that's right. UV textures are photo realistic and are saved pre-mapped on to your mesh geometry. Speaking of the mesh, you have a pretty good degree of interactive control over how dense you wish your mesh to be. .3ds files created by 3dSOM import into Paprikura, and unfolding is a piece of cake.

    I'll post the model soon. I don't want to release the file until I've written a better interpretation of the vessel itself. Once its released, I'd be honored to get some constructive feedback from the masters.....