Most Advanced Scaling Vaterra Ascender

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    Hi guys!
    Great to have you back again and thank you for your view:) In this clip myself and my great pal Kyle put the Ascender to the test on some large river rocks. Tucked behind the epic "Oasis" trail we found a trail down into a spot we had never been to before. Although getting into this place was a bit sketchy and a reminder to always be safe out on those trails. Right now we have a huge trail ban across the western side of Alberta from bears. This year we have a large crop of berries out in Kananaskis country which holds some of the best trails. Thank you for watching and please hit that like button before you go:) Until next time...

    Hey RC PALS, this is where we got the New Jeep Body. If you are interested!

    Team Raffee Co. Jeep Wrangler Body (hard)
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    That was a great video. What beautiful country. The water looked like it could be bottled and sold! Tough Jeep there, Great Job!! I like those under water shots, very nice and calming. :)