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    Once again, Ron put me in a state of mental internal hemmorage. Just shows what happens when you open your mouth and say "someone should do this"....Ron asked me to put my money where my mouth is and moderate the kit review forum, and while my mind was screaming NO, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, my fingers typed yes in the response. I look at this as our chance to tell the designers/publishers what we think of their kits (within the standards of common decency established by Ron for this site, of course.), as well as feedback to the other members regarding which kits are good buys and which ones should be avoided. The basic format Ron posted for the forums is a good starting point. In my reviews, I will attempt to provide a comparative grading system for what I think are the most important considerations when selecting a kit for purchase. Granted that the "value for cost" grade is pretty subjective, and probably should only be attempted for kits that are currently in print (available through at least one of the retailers, and not just on Ebay). This grading system is NOT a requirement I am adding on to Ron's format...just my own preference in how I intend framing the reviews that I add to the forum. If there is enough interest on the part of you other reviewers out there, I will post my grading criteria. And, in keeping with Ron's standards, please no reviews of pirated kits (this primarily concerns "internet finds," but sometimes pertains to hardcopy kits peddled on Ebay). I'm not quite sure what the ethic is regarding the original copyright holder re-pirating a pirated copy (see DeWayne's internet store ( for an example), but my opinion is what's sauce for the goose......