Model Design, Who made what and who copied what, and etc....

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    It has come to my attention about complaints being made by a small minority, very small, insignicantly small, about the rights, origins, quality, and other issues in regards to others members models.

    As you all know me know this:
    Worry about what you design. Do not bad mouth anyone publicly or privately in P.M.'s or I will come down hard. If the quality of a model is suspect, then try and build it. if you can't, because there are problems with it, P.M. the designer, and let the designer know about it. The forum Rules states that every model posted has to have been built and proved buildable, or it will not be posted. If you find such a model, then notify me. If you were really interested in having a positive community, you really should contact the designer too. If the designer does not respond or responds negatively, then let me (zathros) or Rhaven know. A simple "I do not believe this model is buildable because I...etc" type of comment will do. We will take it from there.

    Disparaging and making comments about a designers source materials is a bit much. You guys who use Pepakura make models that are pretty decent, but by their nature, they also look very similar. If would be presumptuous to think you know all the reference material someone uses in their designs.

    Bottom line is no one has permission from the actual owners of the copyrighted material, so all the models made are made in that light.

    WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU MAKE AND ONLY THAT. You will make better models. Models that are not buildable will be flushed out, and WE moderators will take care of that.

    Keep your opinions about other designers to yourselves. Those complaining about other designers in reality are projecting inferiority in their own persona, especially if "they don't really know". Comment only on what you know as fact, Keep speculation, also called Gossiping, to yourself.

    This forum wants people to share and help each other. I have helped countless people with their designs and never mention it. That is what helping is, helping, then holding that help over the persons head, is unbecoming, in the least, and persons engaging in such behavior will be discredited. Continued behavior in that manner is divisive. Rhaven and I will not allow that.

    We have a General Amnesty on this forum and some people may return, and if they participate in a positive manner, they will be welcomed to stay. No one in this forum carries enough weight to think that they can stop someone from being a member while they are here. No one here, by their membership can use that in such a manner as trying to prevent such a person from rejoining or they will quit. Anyone doing that to me will be BANNED instantly. I will not be blackmailed by anyone, no matter how brilliant a designer they may be.

    Everyone will be treated the same and held to the same rules. I have proven myself to hold that quality of moderation to be true and level, and fair, as has Rhaven. Leave the moderating to the moderators.

    To those that have no idea of what this is about it is because you have risen so far above this type of behavior, it just doesn't apply to you, you members who form the backbone of the forum. :)
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