Mixing old and new model trains?

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Do you prefer old or new model trains (or both)?

  1. I only run finely-detailed new/modern stock

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  2. I have no problem mixing old and new

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  3. I mainly run old trains from approx. 30-45 years ago

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  1. logicman

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    May 1, 2008
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    Hello everyone.

    This is my first post in quite a while - real life getting in the way of hobbies - you all know the score. :mrgreen:

    My oldest model is a Triang R50 Princess Elizabeth, 1953 version. It is made of acetate rather than polystyrene, and is a bit of a rough runner. But it runs! I'm currently giving it a full strip-down and refurbishing.

    I have a fairly large collection - Triang, Hornby, Lima, Rivarossi etc. My favorite has to be Athearn. I have some kits - I don't know how old they are, but one is a loco with all-wheel drive and a beautifully quiet motor.

    As for your original question, Robert: Yes, I mix all ages of model. My intention is to build a layout which has a scrapyard at one end and a transport museum at the other. I hope to see it in a museum where it can show the youngsters how locos, trams, etc. were rescued from scrapyards by enthusiasts.

    In that setting, models of all ages, and in all sorts of condition can find a good home.

    There you have it - my 2 cents worth. :mrgreen:
  2. RobertInOntario

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    Mar 23, 2006
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    Interesting! I have a Hornby Princess Elizabeth that was made in the early-1970s, in crimson lake LMS red livery. Although it's a Hornby, it's practically a Triang model (Hornby apparently used the same tooling). It was one of my Dad's. I've had it repaired at least 4 times :eek: and have probably spent over $100 on repairs. At any rate, it looks great and is running fairly well now, although obviously not as smooth as my recent acquisitions. I hope you're able to refurbish yours -- I'd be interested in seeing pics of this!

    I also have a black Triang B-12 (in BR livery) that runs quite well, although it looks a little basic. And I have several LIMA carriages and two Rivarossi steamers -- one is a Santa Fe Pacific (that I'm planning to convert into a Canadian National loco) and a Santa Fe 0-4-0 switcher. I obviously mix all of these together, although the older ones don't look as good (and don't perform as well) next to the new ones.