mighty morphin power rangers megazord papercraft

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    MMPR- Season One

    Dino Megazord (Five Zords Combine As One)
    -Download Not Available
    Dragonzord (Green Ranger's Zord)
    -Download Not Available

    (Please Note: If you combine Megazord parts with Dragonzord, you'll get Dragonzord Battle Mode or if your Megazord is complete if you have Dragonzord, you form into Dino Mega Dragonzord)

    Titanus (Carrier Zord)
    -Download Not Available

    (Please Note: If you add either the Megazord, Dragonzord, Dragonzord Battle Mode, or Dino Mega Dragonzord, then the Dino Ultrazord is here to save the day)

    MMPR- Season Two

    Thunder Megazord (Five Powerful New Zords Combine As One)
    -Download Available

    (Please Note: This simple version of the Red Dragon Thunderzord does not revert to Dragon Mode, 4 Thunderzords combine from Zord Mode to Megazord Mode, will combine with the Tigerzord into Thunder Mega Tigerzord)

    White Tigerzord (White Ranger's Zord)
    -Download Not Available
    Tor (Shuttle Zord)
    -Download Not Available

    (Tor will fit either Tigerzord Tiger Mode, Tigerzord Zord Mode, or Red Dragon Thunderzord Zord Mode, Tor will combine into Zord Mode. Combine Tigerzord Tiger Mode, Thunderzord Assault Team with Red Dragon Thunderzord with Tor into Thunder Ultrazord)

    MMPR- Season Three

    Shogun Megazord (Five Zords Combine Into The Ultimate Megazord)
    -Download Not Available
    Ninja Mega Falconzord (Six Powerful New Zords Combine As One)
    -Download Not Available

    (Ninja Falconzord will also combine with Shogun Megazord, also fits in with the Titanus as well)