Mantua 1860's Cars

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    I see these are back from Model Power. Boxcars, reefers, horse cars in the freight line are available again now. The others appear to be due out in July. The passenger cars are available with and without clerestory roofs. They can be had on the net for $8.39 each.
    I reworked a newer Bachmann Old time 4-4-0 Jupiter. It can be made to run really well. It will crawl over plastic frogs.


    The "Beta" model in need of cosmetic improvements. It has electrical tender wipers on all the tender wheels. Larger 31" tender wheels and the cab has had the weight reduced for see through. It will pull 3 On30 passenger cars plus 2 On30 cattle cars. DCC has been added.

    Unlike my ill fated 1870's in OO/HO there are detail parts available from Bowser & PSC to consmetically up grade locos. That is why the OO/HO project was abandoned. My eyes don't see small well enough to make loco detail parts. I couldn't solder together the pieces for a wood pilot.

    The Mantua cars make modeling the 1870's in HO possible.

    Just a thought

    P.S. I am still modeling On30. I find modeling in one rejuvenates modeling in the other.