Man thrown from car after hit by train

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    Man Thrown From Car After It's Hit By Train

    Shreveport Police and firecrews are at the scene of a car/train accident that happened just before 1 PM at the intersection of Hollywood Avenue and Mansfield Road.
    Authorities at the scene have told KSLA News 12 the driver, 66-year-old Carroll Hughes, was found underneath the train about 100 feet from where the car finally stopped.
    Hughes was taken to LSU Hospital with facial and internal injuries. His condition is unknown.
    Police tell KSLA News 12 the driver either stopped on the tracks or had car trouble. They say it appears he tried to get out of his car before the train hit but didn't make it.
    A witness also told KSLA News 12 he hear the train engineer "leaning on his horn" before the accident.
    Story by Sean Staggs

    This isn't all that far from where I live. about 20-25 minute drive into town. The track this happened on run's along out here where I am and it's about 3-4 miles away. I'm glad he made it because this wasn't an accident of stupidity if he didn't stop on the tracks. If it was his car that broke down then that's something that couldn't be helped.