Maly Model CD 1977 Ark 13

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    Jan 18, 2004
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    Help... I am in the process of cleaning the files for the model, H.M.S.
    Victory published in 1977 for the months, 5 and 6. Page 16 of the files is
    corrupt (Ark.13) on my CD and I only have the upper half of the page. If
    anyone else bought these CD's, look please and see if you have a good file.
    I am cleaning these up and plan to build this winter.

    I received this a little while ago...

    Your Ark 13 is different than any of the pages of sails that I Have for the 1986 version of HMS Victory.
    Sorry that I can't help.

    So, that means the 1986 kit is out of the running.
    Thank you,