Maly AH-1S Cobra

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    Model: Bell AH-1S Cobra
    Publisher: Maly Modelarz, 9/2001
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Available from: Lighthouse Modelart

    Model depicted in Japanese insignia. Five parts pages (one page of thin paper, four of cardstock). Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for intermediate level card modelers to successfully perform the build. (The rotor head and gatling gun look fairly complex, and I think providing only a diagram of the completed assembly does not give sufficient assistance unless one has already built a couple of helicopter models. If one can read Polish, perhaps the text provides enough additional instruction to enable a less experienced modeler to get through the build.) The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of detail only fair. Model has a cockpit, but detail is minimal and instruments are depicted as plain, white circles. External armament is provided (rocket pods, gatling gun). Printing quality is adequate. No noticable color voids, good color registration. Draftmanship goog Artwork fair, more cartoonish in style than photo-realistic. No attempt at shading or weathering. Construction method is the usual Maly Modelarz butt-jointed segments. Kit is presently available from Lighthouse Modelart for about $5 US, and is frequently available on Ebay. I would not recommend this model to beginners, but would be a good kit selection for anyone having completed a couple of helicopter models. Overall grade a B, with a good value-for-cost rating.

    Instructions: B-
    Paper quality: B
    Level of detail: C
    Printing quality: B+
    Artwork: B-
    Value for money: B
    Skill level: Intermediate