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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by BNSFtheLeader, Mar 8, 2005.

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    Hello all!

    I'm looking to see how many Locals there are willing to start up a club here in the Palm Beach Florida area.

    I'm looking to start one up by all interested in splitting Down payment, Utility's, (AKA Monthly due's) plus 25 and derated% until the club reaches it's voted amount of members the usual for a club fees.

    All would responsible for all there own claimed space (length of Sq. Ft.) for any modeling supplies.

    the 25 and than DE-rated % would go to the unclaimed space that would be classified as club property and would be used for completing Bead and trackage between members layouts. as each joins they would have the option to buy the supplies that are on the board and split amongst the Current Modelers or a vote would be held to offer the new member all supplies on the board with the exception that no trackage be inhibited of operation.

    Well there is to much to write but if your interested please let me know or if you have any better suggestions please let me know. this is a pulmonary inquiry to see if there would be enough persons interested to even start one.

    It wouldn't matter if there where multiple Scales everyone (scale) would have there own rights depending on members. for instance if there where 20 members Half of the members would Have HO and the other 10 would have N or what the case would be and if it got over crowded it would look in to getting more space nearby