Looking for Jap/Chin "CWT" Combat Crows.

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    I know it's not the right forum, but I know some of you guys are into some obscure anime stuff, and as I'm all out of other ideas I though I'd try a longshot and ask a question regarding a Chinese/Japanese plastic model kit I bought when I was a nipper maybe 20 years ago.

    The kit was one of a set and contained 3 or 4 anime crows (or ducks) each 2-3" high in army helmets each which a logo - ("CWT" with birds beak underneath).

    Thet were all in mid battle - one was tied to a rocket ACME style (in some destress), one was wearing a pair of glasses and was in the process of thowing a grenade, and I believe one had a machine gun.

    They all had large heads and a very strong anime style. Don't know if they are from a cartoon/comic series or anything?!?:confused:

    I know I'm reaching for the moon, but if anyone has the any suggestions on anywhere I could go/post, or anyone I could ask, I'd most appreciate it.

    Many thanks in advance