looking for ideas to xpand LifeLike Mini-base

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by cruikshank, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Jul 19, 2005
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    My main layout is on hold until the basement is prepped. So when I saw
    this at a flea market for $10 last week I jumped on it. I even have
    the origional review of it in a 1969 MRC mag. It's made by Life Like,
    The MRC review said it sold for $15, but the carton says $9.95. I
    remember reading the review and thinking thats pretty cool. So it had
    flex track when I bought it, with bad joints. So I replaced it with
    Reliable Unitrack. I had to go out and buy (4) packs of 9.75" Radius
    Curves. I didn't have any that tight. But it all fit together well,
    and runs good. The size is 28" x 34"

    I want to expand it with some switching action, and I'm willing to add
    one or two similar sized pieces of foam coming off of one or both
    ends. So put on your thinking caps and give me some ideas to make this
    a sweet little RR. I don't have one yet but the tight curves scream
    out for a Shay and a mining or Lumber based RR. Thanks in Advance.


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    Jan 19, 2002
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    I just recently had the experience of repairing one of these.
    Where the track goes under itself, you can install a LH turnout, and take a siding into the center, split off, as space will allow. at the corner there is already a place for an extension, a RH turnout there will allow the track to run off the module, ar at least make a short stub siding.
    This is N scale isn't it. The one I worked on was. The smoothest, quietest loco I could find, was louder than the prototype, running on this "layout". I'd recommend that you don't go too far with this, especially in light of having a new layout in the preproduction stage. You put flextrack, on cork, on a good subroadbed, and you will probably not spend too much time with the LifeLike base, other than as a practice bed for scenery, etc.
    There is nothing in this hobby that doesn't serve a purpose, there are just some purposes that excede some things' capabilities. With an Atlas 2 truck shay,or a short wheelbase diesel,or rod engine, a lumber, or mining shortline, could interchange with the new layout, and make an interesting extension.