Limited Editions Passenger Car Kits

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    Over the course of several years I managed to acquire all of the Limited Edition kits necessary for a complete Southern Pacific Daylight train. These kits were produced around 25 years ago and sold by Walthers. My set includes the baggage-coach, coach, tavern car, articulated coach, 3-car articulated diner, and observation. The kits are made of extruded aluminum sides, aluminum roof, and plastic ends and doors. A narrow ‘windows’ strip painted on acetate completes the model. I’ll probably use MDC Challenger plastic trucks which are somewhat close to prototype, then add full-width diaphrams.

    Has anyone out there ever assembled a similar Limited Editions kit? Can you give me any assembly tips? Should I use epoxy? Is there any roof covering that can be used to simulate the texture of the prototype roofing material? Some cars had car-length antennas and I don’t know if there are any shortcuts in modeling the stanchions.

    Any SP fans to the rescue?