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    Mar 21, 2002
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    Still deciding on layout and benchwork. I can use the corner which is 5'x 6' or place a rectangle bench in middle of room with acess to all sides. Any ideas? Even thought about a U shaped design. Looking for most bang for the buck here .
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    Mar 23, 2001
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    Just a few hints.....


    Just a few hints, but the decision is yours, of course.

    FIrstly, is it "N" or "HO"??

    5' * 6' could be a bit "wide". and not "long" enough (for straight sections/platforms etc. Try to avoid platforms on curves. (Especially in HO, given the dimensions you have supplied). Try not to have any spot on your layout further that 30" from the edge you intend to work from. It'll break your back leaning over to do some finer work. (Unless you build a "pop up" hole in the middle.

    5' * 6' will only let your layout run around "the edge" of your scenry, not "through" it. (are you doing N or HO?) because of the need for maximum radius on the curves. Do you intend to run a "loop" or "out'n'back"?

    Having an "island layout" allows you to have multiple viewing angles from all the way round. front and back, sideways, from the rear.. etc etc....

    If deciding on an "island layout" leave at least 3' all the way around the edge to make working on it a pleasure. Any tighter, and it will be too cramped.

    I have a 1.2m * 2.4m (4' * 8') island layout in HO, and what I have mentioned above, have been gleaned from experience.

    If you have any questions, I'd be most willing to answer. :)