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    If I ever had a thread here, that remains one for the past; because this one will be dedicated to the models I designed and labeled with my brand new logo and studio name: KASHIWAZAKI Paper Model Studio.

    I open the game with my current project to develop the megayacht 「EQUANIMITY」, designed and built by Oceanco of Alblasserdam, the Netherlands.

    The following photos are of the very first prototype build, named 「KASHIWAZAKI」.

    The only correction to do will be on the height of the bridge's block part, so the flybridge above can safely meet with the sides.

    Anything else - especially the hull form and it's transom - are a COMPLETE success.




    I have some more projects to make, but for those times, I will try to use as much textures as possible, instead of the problematic in-built details, since Pepakura doesn't go along well with details, but works good enough with textured models.

    Those next projects are megayacht designs by the same builder/shipyard; concepts like 「VITRUVIUS ACQUAINTANCE」, 「TITAN」, 「STILETTO」 and 「REDENTORE」 may find their first light, not yet as real ships put to sea, but as 3D models, both on Oceanco's hall in the Alblasserdam boatyards and their second dealership management in Monaco as custom-built models and now as papercrafts developed solely by me.

    The owner of the 「EQUANIMITY」 is the Malaysian-Chinese energy, real estate and leisure businessman Jho Low; he is keeping his megayacht for private use only (not as available for charter, like many still do).
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    Very nice!! I love ship models. Good thing it was not named "Humanimity", that would bad, and that is the tru tru, if we be talkin' query for query. Just saying, old man Georgie boy and all that. :) **

    **"Cloud Atlas" speak.