July 4 2006 Independence Day

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    Celebrate Independence! Celebrate Freedom! and while you celebrate, think on this...
    Regardless of what you may hear from the press, and certain politicians, we are now, and have always been where we were needed, when we were needed, with a VOLUNTEER force. We have been sucessful because we WANT to be, and because we are doing the right thing, for the right reasons.
    We are a free people, we seek not to rule, and prefer not to be ruled. There has never been, and as long as we are a free people, of good character, there never will be an "American Empire".
    Celebrate being citizens of the United States of America!, and celebrate the volunteers who have kept, and are keeping us free. Celebrate the lives of those who are willing to risk them, to do the right thing, simply because it needs to be done.
    Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the United States armed forces.....This day is for you !!!

    P.R.Juengst CPO USN RET
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    This is a day to remember all those that have made sacrifices to gain and maintain our freedom. We honor those both outside our home and every day on my layout. Here are pictures of our driveway and one from my layout.

    Don Day
    USAF 52-56 and proud to have served our nation

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