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    Hi folks,

    The wonderer returns.

    Well as those of you are familiar with my stuff you'll know that I often break the rules relating to posting here as I don't always post card models.

    Well, in a break from tradition I am actually going to start off this post with my latest card creation. I'm creating a Hangar for my latest photonovel which will also double as a playset for the kids (and me:thumb:).

    For the most part it will contain two large fold-flat components and a corridor section made from foam core along with some pillers and other movable items.

    So far I've made the two folding sections, a floor and wall.


    More images to follow.
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    Ok, well the hangar is complete. Nearly all of it folds flat, there is a small section made of foam core, everything else is mount board. I hav all of the decal sheets available if anyone is interested, plus a floor diagram showing where the sheets go.


    My kids are already playing with the set as we speak....