Its Coming Back!!!

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    Thats right! The powers to be, the higher ups, the great Gauge Gods, talked to me through a burning Woodland Scenics lichen bush and told me to restart the Gauge E-Mag.
    Gauge E-Mag?......What!...You never heard of it.
    Mikey has posted a couple of links on the top of the page in a section called"Announcements" (and by looking at the count, we've peaked your interest)
    But..We need your articles.
    We usually pick one from the many threads here. I will write an (Ed)itorial, and maybe one other.
    But we really need your help.
    Soooooooo....Here's some articles you are more than welcome to submit.

    Product reveiw: Anything model railroading, scenic details, rolling stock, locos, DCC decoders, structures....any scale. Include lots of pics!!(WE love pics)

    History: Railroad history of your favorite prototype, branchiline, shortline, loco development, a railroad structure.

    Layout tours(Don't forget pics!)Yours, your friends, your wifes, your wifes friends, husbands, your clubs.

    How too: Kitbashing, scratchbuilding, scratchbashing, "Shake the box", painting and decaling, buildings, rolling stock and include LOTS OF PICS!!

    And don't worry about how its written, or the spelling(We don't.....Just kidding), I'll fluff it fix it, and check spelling.
    Oh...Did I mention that there will be a link from Yahoo...So It can(and will) be read by others(The last one had over 150 outside hits)
    So, get that brain a working....start typing, you can submit it to any of the links found on the past issues Mikey has posted at the top.

    And as I have always promised...Everyone gets in.........
    And thanks in advance
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    Thanks for letting us know, I might want to write something.

    Let me get my thinking cap on..............
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    Can ANYONE pass up the chance to be PUBLISHED somewhere besides the back of a milk carton ?????