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    0 all goes down in flames.

    For some reason the digital camera I'm using is putting pictures in a format that this website that even imageshack won't recognize. And here's the strange thing, I have everything in JPEG but for some reason it won't open in a normal image viewer on my computer instead Windows ask me which program to open the JPEG with.

    Ok, normally JPEG will open under normal circumstances but for some strange reason if it is an image from the Canon then my whole world is turned upside down.

    Can anyone explain what in blue blazers is wrong with my machine other than telling me the painfully obvious that this maybe some whacky glitch?
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    You may have switched the output to a "Raw" format. I did not with a Canon Elph (my first one) and it was a nightmare. Go back into the settings and try and put everything in default mod, or, I hate to say it, Read the manual, which you an download from Canon if you don't have it. XNView is a great program to convert, because if XNView can read it, it can convert it into anything, and it is absolutely free!