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    Got a bunch of model rr stuff for a tip a few weeks ago. Several cars including a caboose. All were lightly used and in boxes. Included was a Conrail locomotive marked as an F3 in Conrail colors. # is 1862. According to my research, that # was an F9 that never made it into CR paint.

    The loco runs okay and I am not nit picky, It has horn hook couplers and most of my stuff has been converted. Should I bother trying to convert it or just assemble a consist with the couplers?

    I am modeling the PC/CR transistion era in New England. Foreign power is the rule here on the Ames Ridge Rail System Current locos range from GPs to Alco RS3s and RS 11s. If it had 4 axles and ran in new England you will find it here.

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    Hi John,

    I have a mix of old horn hook couplers and magnetic couplers on my equipment. I'm gradualy converting to magnetic but in the mean time run some trains of all horn hooks but also have made "conversion dummy locos" that have one horn hook and one magnetic so they can be added to locomotive consists to pull either type of coupler.

    One drawback to this plan...it makes me lazy and I probably am less motivated to complete the all magnetic coupler conversion! :)

    Looking forward to some pics of that PC/CR transition layout!