i want a caboose,, or other cool car......

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    Jun 25, 2006
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    my little town has been restoring the CB&Q depot here, i think they need a caboose or some other cool car to set by the depot. this is a small town will little money,,,,, is there any grants out there that would help pay for a rail car? i know some grants pay for some silly a** things, why not this?

    anyone help in doing this in other places.?
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    Railroads used to donate their old equipment to towns along heir right of way. I don't know if any do that any more. Many of the cabooses and steam locomotives in towns and parks across the country were donated in such a manner. I would guess that all the cabooses and real interesting cars have already been donated by the railroads. There probably are plenty of boxcars, though.

    Another option may be another town or propery that has a piece of equipment they view as "junk". Sometimes towns will give away equipment they don't want anymore for very cheap or free, but the recipient has to pay shipping (which can be very expensive).