Huntsville Rail Action

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    Huntsville is not really a railroad town, so I get pretty excited when I see some kind of action going on. There are some sidings on the UP mainline right at the spot where the Huntsville Branchline starts. Technically, this is in Phelps, TX... Anyway, my son and I were out prowling around and we saw these two tank cars sitting on the siding.

    I didn't feel safe driving up any closer, so I only got a good shot of the one. They were both leased. The GATX one (the other says ACFX) is leased to Corn Products Company ( It's a 20,660 gallon tank car, and its probably used to haul corn syrup or corn oil.

    I found a spot on the GATX web site where you can look up any of their cars and get their basic specs. I wish I had known of this when I took the picture 'cause I would have made a better effort to record the number of the other car! :rolleyes: Anyway, here is a link to the site: Railcar Mechanical Info&gatx=true

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