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    dont know if he's got it sorted or not but in case he hasn't and for others who havent heard of yahoo before :-O

    you have to have a yahoo login to post there
    if you have a yahoo email, then just use your email login name and password to get into the group
    if you havent got a yahoo account, then simply sign up for one @ www.yahoo.com.

    down the bottom right is a button marked `all yahoo services'
    takes you to http://docs.yahoo.com/docs/family/more/

    top left is `Yahoo signin' right under that is `new user sign up'

    fill in the form(i never use real info anywhere on the web)
    it will tell you during the filling out bit if the username you have chosen is taken already and suggests alternatives that havent been taken

    IMHO its best to write all the answers down and put it somewhere safe

    this will give you your yahoo groups member name and password(and a free email account as well as well as access to yahoo instant messanger service)

    i'm posting this as quite a few people seem to have trouble figuring out how yahoo groups works and try entering random names into the system- often booting the real owners out for 15 mins when they type in the `wrong' password more than 3 times- grrrrrrr

    and i havent had any trouble getting a username that isnt taken- did it last week in fact ;-)
    (the form actually suggests similar user names to the one you wanted if its already been taken)