Hola from Mexico City!!!

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    Hola desde la Cd. de México!!

    Soy Arquitecto y también fanático del modelismo estático.

    Mis preferencias son en lo referente a las naves espaciales, en especial a las de Star Wars; desde niño quede impactado con esta saga y las naves que en ella habitan, al descubrir navegando en internet el modelismo en papel, quede prácticamente pegado a él, porque no hay límites para ello, y esto quiere decir que al fin podre aprender a hacer lo necesario para poder construir las nave que tanto deseo, y si entiendo bien, al tamaño de mi agrado.

    Soy relativamente nuevo en esto del modelismo en papel, pero con todas las ganas de aprender lo más posible de los expertos y qué bueno que, navegando en internet, por fin aquí los encontré.

    Espero poder aportar algo que enriquezca este foro y aprender más de ello.

    Saludos a todos!!!


    Hello from Mexico City!

    I am an architectand also a fan of plastic modeling.

    My preferences are in terms of spacecraft, especially the Star Wars saga, from child behind shocked by this saga and the ships that habit it, internet browsing Discovering the models on paper, remains practically glued to it, because there are no limits to it, and this means that I can finally learn to do what it takes to build the ship so much desire, and if I understand correctly, the size of my liking.

    I'm relatively new to this paper modeling, but with all the desire to learn as much as posible from the experts and how good that internet browsing, finally I found here.

    I hope I can contribute something to enrich this forumand learn more about it.

    Greetings to all!

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    welcome aboard :) one of the mods will great you officially. please red the terms and conditions, their pretty simple and easy to follow.
    We have an active Sci Fi group with both Star Wars and Trek well represented.
    It's okay to post in Spanish as long as you also post a full and accurate translation to English (I think).
    You'll find we are an easy group to get along with, and we are all willing to do what we can to help.
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    Bienvenido, hombre = Welcome, man!

    I've been to your beautiful country a LOOOONG time ago (Gee, am I that old already?), in Vera Cruz, and got impressed about how warm a reception we've had.
    But we're here to talk about the hobby, and you'll see how this place is special. Well, it just turned out to be more special: you've joined us!
    If you do want to get better at this hobby, just get involved here, ask, show us what you've got, and then you'll see how people will answer. This is a very special place, man, and we're all like a big family here.
    ZEALOT is special because WE (INCLUDING YOU) make it so.
    Una vez más, bienvenido! = Once again, welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums, There are many Spanish speaking people here, and many members that speak other languages for that matter. We are quite a diverse group. We look forward to seeing your work. eel free to post anything you have made, regardless of medium. Welcome aboard! :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    If you have photos of anything that you have built, please post them.
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice, please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction.

    Once again welcome aboard and I hope that you enjoy yourself here.