Historical display of surface vehicles, planes and space craft... needed!

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    Well folks, this might or might not come as a surprise. I decided to throw yet another iron on the fire...

    I have approached our local library which is brand new and quite popular. I asked about getting a small display case to show off a few models. The declined as those are reserved for kids to show off stuff. Instead they offered me the large window up front which is usually reserved for the likes of area museum displays! Its pretty darn big, at least three shelves high (might be four) I am getting the display case for all of December or all of January!

    Once again, this is where I am looking to the community for help in promoting the hobby. Luckily I will be able to use MANY of the models I already got for the craft fair in this display but it needs a lot of rounding out to make it work as I hope. I plan on making three levels of similar models...

    low level - any surface or sub surface vehicles, historical representation on different ages, this will include subs, ships, cars etc etc

    medium will be aircraft representing a timeline

    high will be space craft representing a timeline (this MIGHT go into future state like sci-fi depending on what I get)

    space permitting I will include any and all unique models I can fit.

    If anyone has any models they would like included in this venture please let me know! I cant offer special compensation this time, I blew my budget on the last one.... but I will pay for anyones shipping charges!
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    Are you needing anything in particular or anything in the categories.