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    Hello, my name is Dave and I'm from Mendon, NY.
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    Welcome to the forum, How about a little bit more about your modeling likes. As shown above, there are many firefighting vehicles for your pleasure but there are all kinds of genres as well, Choose a niche and start showing off your stuff. If you find something that piques your interest, check the site out to see if someone has built that particular model. By doing this, it may help you to build a better model by seeing if there where any complications in the build. If you should decide to build a model and run into any fit problems, post it in your thread and some one will answer to help you out with it. By the way, post a photo of the offending part. The name of the game here, is to enjoy and have fun. Hope to see some of your works soon and see you around the forums.

    Postscript: Be sure to check out the rules of the forum and the downloading privileges, With that out of the way, you will enter into a new habit forming hobby.