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    hey guys, new here. just signed up today and love the site from what i've seen by looking around. my normal hobby is doing plastic models. i tend to stay with star trek models, but i do pretty much whatever tickles my fancy at the moment, if i see a good well put together model i'll get it and do it up. but recently i've gotten into card/paper models. there are some great paper models of subjects that they just don't make in plastic. although my printer will print on some thin plastic sheet. and i have already printed a few card models on plastic and am in the process of putting them together so far so good. but i'm also in the process of doing some in just paper. my current big project is doing the hogwarts school for my wife.


    this thing is huge and pretty difficult for me but i'm taking it slow and it's comming out good so far. and with it being paper if i screw up i just print out another sheet. eventually i'd like to learn how to design and make my own.

    so i hope to learn from the masters(you guys) so you will probably hear more from me asking all kinds of what i'm sure are noobie questions. so hi:wave: