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    Hi everyone

    I'm a member of both www.charitydaleks.co.uk and www.charitydaleksquad.co.uk

    And I do alot of charity work, with various Sci-Fi props, and the props that I currently have are:

    1:1 Scale Special Weapons Dalek

    Ghostbusters Proton pack, and complete costume, including belt gizmo, ghost trap and leg hose

    Props I'm currently working on are:

    1:1 Imperial Dalek... Half complete

    1:1 Pink Hybrid Dalek... for Breast Cancer awareness... Just started this build

    1:1 StormTrooper armour... vary nearly complete, just one or two things to sort.

    1:1 PKE Meter... Just need internal electronics

    1:1 RC Astromech... only have the dome, so far.

    And as crazy as all the above sounds, I'm looking at expanding my costumes and Sci-Fi props for charity use.

    I was recommended this site from one of our members at our charity group, though, i'm not sure if they are a member here...
    That kinda me in a nutshell...

    So... what delights do you have waiting for me to discover on this site then? LOL