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    May 8, 2012
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    So...I first discovered paper modeling at the library waaaay back in the nineties when I found a book in the library titled: Making Paper Airplanes, by Roger Hawcock. I made every model in that book! My favourite being the Sopwith Camel. I made a few of those.
    Then life continued and I had to put the hobby on hold.
    Early this year I was surfing the interwebs just to see if I could find a model or two to kill some spare time and I was blown away at the quantity and quality of models available--for free even! I've been hooked (again) ever since. Life is still life, but I find time to work on models when I can.
    So far I've made an AT-AT, mini snowspeeder, mini X-wing, and Ron Caudillo's USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (tos). Since I completed the Enterprise, I have been searching for top quality Enterprise models. So far I have all of them except the one from 2009 (but I'm working on that;-)). I even found the CV-6 Enterprise!
    So here I am and happy to be here.
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    Hi, :welcome1: to the forum. Post some pics of your builds. Too soon to be asking about UHU though. It's all there. :)