Hey Ed...How Do I Send You An Article?

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    Lately, I've had a few inquiries on how to send the article for consideration.

    You can send it in an e-mail(eightyeightfan_99@yahoo.com). Title it "Article For E-Mag". Or else it may get deleted, or sent to the junk box as spam. Its happened before, because I didn't recognize the sender.

    No derogatory, profanity, or sexually implied articles, sentences, and or wordage. The E-Mag, is after all, intended for all family members, regardless of age.

    Its best to copy/paste your article into an e-mail.
    Pictures should be sent either in a separate(Don't forget, title it "Pics For E-Mag Article") or as an attachment(s). Don't use links to The Gallery, or photo serving sites such as Photobucket.

    Give your pictures a short filename. EX: CNE1

    When writing your article, include the picture's file name in the place where you'd like the pic to go.
    EX: (CNE1)
    As you can see, the Central New England had the most modern of locomotives for the period.

    If you want, I can place the pictures in the article for you.
    I hope these suggestions help you when writing your product reviews, layout tours, and other railroad related articles.